Monday, May 17, 2010

Phoenix Suns Fashion Trends 2010 NBA Playoffs: Be Prepared

Phoenix Suns fashion has come a long way since their Conference runs in 2005 & 2006, but the Suns are back in the Western Conference Finals again, and finally sports fashion has caught up to The Valley's tastes. For the past few years celebrities have been spotted wearing the ultra soft, and ultra high-end Retro Sport, and its Adidas counter-part the Originals Collection product all over Hollywood. This is one of the many times Jessica Simpson was snapped looking stunning wearing her soft Texas tee and an army style hat.  

The great thing about both the Retro Sport brand and the Adidas Original Brand is they have recreated your favorite old t-shirt by combining all the qualities of a great fitting t-shirt with classic logos from the past and present.They have taken a once boring and out dated white Suns shirt and turned it into a must have tee that you'll actually want to wear, even on non-game days. 

Another nice thing about these two brands is they haven't left anyone behind, not only do they make great women's clothing often seen on celebrities like, Jessica Simpson (pictured above) Kim Kardashian, Asha Blake, and many other leading Hollywood ladies, but they haven't forgotten about the guys either. In fact even more male Celeb's tend to be spotted wearing the brands; guys like Mark Wahlberg, Yannick Noah, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Arnold, Adam Sandler and many others have often been seen throwing one of these tees on for a night on the town of just a day at the park. If your looking for a great section of Suns Adidas Originals product there is no better place in the Valley to find it than Just Sports, they have locations all over the valley and offer by far the widest selection of product. If the retro look isn't your thing they also have a huge new selection of Suns product to fit any fashion trend you may want to follow. Here is a sneak peak at some of what they will have to offer for this "Beat LA" week. 

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