Monday, May 17, 2010

Scottsdale Arizona Men's Summer Fashion Tends 2010

Number one. The Scottsdale fashion scene is in for a bloom of color in the Summer 2010. You'll see yellows, Purples, and Reds bright enough to literally be seen from miles away. Especially in Scottsdale where the men tend to be more willing to take fashion risks this season men's couture will step up and challenge traditional women's items with eye popping visual displays. Bright plaids will remain a hit throughout the summer, but so will the not so subtle solid patterns. 

The Second trend set to take over Arizona's hottest streets is Stripes. This summer you are going to see stripes in all shapes and sizes, on everything from pants, to tees, to swimwear. Most often you'll see a combination of the bright colors and stripe patterns working together.

For those brave enough the 3rd trend we will see starting to make its way into Arizona is the Jean 90's looking jean short. Often times even rolled up to catch the 90210 flavor of the past. This is a trend that will take some time to get started. So if you want to be the first one on the bandwagon this presents an opportunity. However it should be cautioned this look can go horribly wrong. 

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