Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arizona State Fashion Trends for Summer 2010

On the ASU campus finals are finally over, and in true ASU style it’s time to celebrate at graduation parties in style. With the temperatures finally creeping over the 100 degree mark a few key styles for guys are standing out.

The number one style popping up all over the campus is tank tops. Guys are becoming more and more brazen in their desire to bare more skin, and the tank top offers this opportunity. While the tank top is no longer limited to muscle-bound body builders, it should be noted that you WILL be showing more skin, so make sure you are presenting the best of yourself, if you're willing to risk it with a tank top.

The number two new hot guy's look to hit the streets of Tempe is the jean short. While this look hasn't been able to make it across the 202 and into Scottsdale quite yet, you can bet its headed that way. Jean shorts are all over campus, with most people choosing to roll them just above the knee, as shown to the left. One thing to keep in mind, is jean shorts seem destine to provide countless "upon further photo review" fashion laughs, so make sure you're confident enough to pull these on. For some guys wearing a simple slick Khaki short or relaxed cotton short is a better option.

Like in the mercurial world of women’s fashion, men’s styles have an ebb and flow, with things falling out of favor long enough to come full circle and be “ironic” or “retro.” This seems to be the trend of the summer at ASU. Tank tops, jean shorts and plastic strip adjustable hats all fall into this mode. The return the of the adjustable hat, is the final trendy showing up on the ASU campus. It doesn't really matter what's on the front, but guys are trending towards large color blocking patterns with high-crown body.

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