Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Trendy Handbags

Top designers played with proportion, color and texture to create 2009’s hottest summer handbags. From black and white—to bright, color remains the most important element of your summer arm candy. The handbag is a core ingredient of a woman’s look. One that must never be overlooked…

This summer blends traditional and contemporary design to create the look du jour. Bold colors, embellishments, and unique textures add chic flare. Other trends include Black and white design, fringe, feather and flower adorned bags. Oversized clutches and Quilted bags, like Valentino’s Ruchos Hobo are amongst this season’s must—haves.

The New IT Bags

  • Bold color
  • Embllished
  • Black/white
  • Fringe, feathers, flowers
  • Oversized clutches
  • Quilted

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