Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Estate House

The Estate House is a multi-level, European mansion-inspired, dinner house that offers an extraordinary experience, and creative menu described as French-Mediterranean plus, the plus are added global inspirations crafted by the expert hands of
Executive Chef Gio Osso. It is a cuisine defined by the best of the season and the highest quality ingredients that celebrate
fresh locally grown products and regional delicacies.

The restaurant it self has many different attribut
es, & features a Champagne Bar; two private dining areas, three outdoor dining spaces and Upstairs at Estate House, the restaurant's lounge. Whether you elect to enjoy the comfortable elegance of dining downstairs, the dramatic luxury of the Upstairs lounge or a blend of the best of both experiences, when dinning at the Estate house you truly do get the feeling you are steeping into someone's private estate.

The Estate House is best described as chic and comfortable, with easily one of the nicest patio dining areas in old-town, overlooking the canal at SouthBridge. It is south of the canal on the Scottsdale Waterfront.

The lower dining room is spacious, classy and comfortable, and pleasantly exploits the views of the surrounding area with large glass pane windows and a patio that nearly surrounds the entire establishment.

One thing you will notice about The Estate House is the friendliness and attentiveness of the wait staff. Although it is located in the heart of Old-Town Scottsdale, you'll never get the "I'm to good to be a server" attitude you find at many local eateries.

The ambiance and staff are almost unparalleled in Scottsdale and the food lives up to their expectations. Expect to dine on the freshest choices of fish, tender Colorado lamb, delicious fall off the bone chicken, or hand made fettuccine. The bottom line is at the Estate house you can confidently order anything they offer and walk away satisfied.

7134 East Stetson Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85251-3278

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