Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hot and sweet peppers are important ingredients in many international cuisines. The basic capsicum variety of green pepper is a healthy flavor boost in dishes from casseroles to salads, while the fiery jalapeno, habanero, and other hot pepper species are among the most spicy and challenging--yet nutritious and beloved--natural foods. November has been officially declared National Pepper Month, so Roaring Fork, Scottsdale’s “quintessential Southwestern restaurant” celebrates their spicy side with some fiery peppers that enhance menu favorites.  According to Roaring Fork’s Executive Chef, Bryan Hulihee, “We celebrate the Southwestern flavors here by utilizing a variety of peppers and chili powders in our dishes.  Not only do our guests love the taste, but they also provide a healthy and nutritious flavor boost.”  Menu items include:
  • Green Chile Pork Stew served in a small Iron Kettle with Melted Jack Cheese and Warm, Buttered Flour Tortillas, is made with Poblano peppers, and Mexico Green Chili Powder
  • House Made Guacamole served with crisp, corn tortillas, is made with jalapeƱos
  • Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin served with Mexican street corn and cheesy grits is made using red bell peppers, chipotle, and Poblano peppers
  • Tortilla soup served with rotisserie chicken and avocado, is made with ancho chili peppers (smoked poblanos)  
Nutritionists say, “Peppers are actually good for you.  Hot peppers in particular, provide benefits to those who consume them, while sweet peppers add taste and are low in calories.
Roaring Fork is where bold American Western Cooking featuring wood-fire techniques meets unmatched service, genuine hospitality and a contemporary ambiance.  The menu embraces the flavors created by the wood-fired rotisserie, open flame grill, and stone hearth oven to create gourmet cuisine. 
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