Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Trendy Dolce

Dolce Salon & Day Spa makes looking good a priority, not an option. As Arizona's largest salon and day spa and proud sponsor or the PHX Suns' Dancers, Dolce couples traditional spa treatments with exclusive upgrades. Owner Brandi Nutall, is constantly perfecting beauty with continuous education and extensive product knowledge. The famous,Exclusively Dolce services, are unique treatments that have been thoroughly researched and tested to bring to you the highest in quality and relaxation. Dolce has crafted unique ingredients, such as rose petals, chocolate, and coffee, to enhance your experience. A few of Dolce's luxurious treatments include: massage therapy, body treatments, facials, waxing, shaving, hair care, nail care, make-up, brow, lash and hair enhancements, and endless add-ons and upgrades. I recommend a Gel Spa Pedicure with glitter for a longer lasting look that won't chip. At Dolce the focus is always you. With the three locations across the Valley and a plethora of services, you will be left feeling pampered and purified. Dolce's professionals pride themselves in excellence, and promise a 100% guarantee on all services within the first two weeks after the service was performed. Make sure to stop by one of their trendy spas, located in Chandler, Scottsdale Borgata, and Peoria Arrowhead.


  1. Do not got to Dolce Salon and Spa. The services are fine, but they forget who pays for them. My biggest complaint though comes after I stuck it out with Dolce because i loved my stylist. I made an appointment about 4 months ago and i was called back 6 hours later to tell me she no longer worked there. I asked where she was, they declined and said ‘you were not Mel’s client, you are OUR CLIENT’. rude. So after talking with the scheduling clerk I made the appointment with her recommended stylist. Again, the next day they called and left a message, this time to tell me there was a scheduling error but they really wanted me to go to another stylist anyway. So AGAIN I set another appointment...then... they called the next morning to tell me there was ANOTHER scheduling error for this new stylist. I went non-linear, But i needed my hair done so I went. Then TODAY. I called, made an appt. for tues. at 12 and when she confirmed my phone # and info she said ’see you wed. at 12’. I informed her she had told me tues. and she said she was sorry... she had made a mistake. So now I have an appointment at 12 on wed. 15 MINUTES LATER she called and told me there was ANOTHER scheduling error, that ‘at the same time we were booking, someone on the other phone was too and they took the spot'. I told her to call the OTHER person back and leave the same message they left for me 3 times = ‘hi, dolce here, we made a scheduling error and we need to reschedule’….she wouldn't do it. The ‘director’, Brady, got on the phone and I explained how totally and completely rude it was to even ASK me to move my appointment after they did this 6 other times to me. She said ‘well, the other person is a repeat customer of mariel’s…’ I AM A REPEAT CUSTOMER OF MARIEL’s TOO and told her "now I know what happened. someone called right after me, wanted to book with her and you moved me because you did not look and see i was repeat as well.' she denied it and then I told her that the right thing to do was to leave the same message they did for me three of those times, on the other person’s phone… why not?? my scheduler’s computer showed me in the spot,…so why not move the other person? she wouldn’t do it. After i had to take the moved appointment (remember, I like the stylist) I said, ’are you going to credit my account or offer something up or anything??’ and she said ‘for what?’. Then I just came upon this….what you are about to read is a response by the owner to an unknown customer after he commented on a message regarding Dolce on the RipOff report…here is the msg…

    ****Since you have only had the opportunity to drive by, I would like to send you a Gift Certificate, both to motivate you to stop by and also to show my appreciation for you taking the time to comment on my behalf. Please email me at the info address on our site.****

    So, they will do what they can to someone new, but know once you love your stylist, they can treat you like crap. I will not go back and I am going to do whatever I can to protect others as well. Stay away. You can find another stylist and not put up with crappy customer service. Another post from Brandi, the owner, to another client with a complaint said ‘as soon as that customer runs a million dollar a year company i will engage’. I am a single mother who runs one of the most well-known investment funds in all of the US and portions of europe…. I run a company, not a spa, that revenues run into the 100’s of millions and I will say, in my life, I would NEVER ever ever say something so completely condescending to a client. As a business owner Brandi should realize her company makes money on its customers. The fact her company has grown is because of her stylists. I can almost guarantee not one customer goes there to see her or ‘the salon'. To tell a client they are unqualified to have an opinion because they may not have a million dollar company is so rude and evidence of lack of education and lack of class. Another reason I am spreading the word about this place. Find another spa.

  2. I just visited this spa on July 14th for a Gel Manicure. This was my first time having this type of nail appointment done, with a nail tech named Abby. I have been continuously using her as she has been the most "gentle" nail tech with my cuticles, most other nail techs at other places file/scrub hard enough that I bleed.

    Once the painting is done, the massage begins. Again, Abby is very gentle and doesn't snap your wrist back or dig into your arms (unfortunately I have had bad experiences at other places). She wanted to make sure she wasn't too harsh, towels used weren't too hot, etc. I had a very enjoyable visit and my nails look great.

    Cost is high, but Dolce has been running coupons in the local paper that help make it more affordable, which is great! I'm definately heading back in for another visit.