Friday, May 1, 2009

The 10

This Weeks Top Ten Rising and Falling Trends

1. Color, color and more color rich and bold yellows, purples and reds especially. Last week's top trend holds it's # 1 this week.

2. Ruffles & Bows and continue to rise.

3. Neon, last weeks number two takes a step backwards, has it out-lived its welcome? Not yet.

4. White, white with red, white with black, white with blue even white with white

5. Flower embellished tops, bags, headbands and shoes.

6. Bright colored & flower pattern bags and clutches.

7. sixties fusion

8. Over-sized high clenched belts.

9. Rhinestone embellishments.

10. gladiator sandals, this trend is extinct everywhere but the PHX, will it finally go?

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